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The power of CSS grid — in a completely visual canvas. Start building with grid in Webflow today.

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Experience the power of code. Without writing it.

Physician-controlled AI and machine learning tools are fast at work behind everything users experience when they are talking with our C-Me virtual assistants or interacting with dynamic content.

HIA integrates with all major Conversational AI Platforms and includes custom web-based tools for easy intelligence creation. HIA makes knowledge creation simple with our fast-start medical topic modules that are easily customized.

HIA provides a complete record of every encounter including STT (Speech-To-Text) transcripts , audio or video capture, a transactional leaderboard, and usage stats.

No coding required
Engagement-focused design
End-to-end solutions

Create. Tune. Publish.

HIA Simposer™ conversations are authored with natural, fluent body language thanks to automatic generation of gestures and facial expressions of our digital agents.

We enable creators to dive deep and manipulate all aspects of how the agent will behave including appropriate sentiment during each interaction, facial expressions, body language, and voice performance.

Easily insert branding and visual aids such as slides, videos, surveys, quizzes, intake forms, and much more.

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