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It's not a stretch to say that our solutions combine to form a new breed of interactive content that is more easily distributed, consumed, acted upon, and monitored than any other platform today. See how each technology was designed to build trust and earn the attention of the end user for an experience that is enjoyable, informative, and fully responsive.


Conversational Medical Educators

Your C-Me is more than just an avatar. This virtual assistant is an extension of you but endowed with Natural Body Language GUI (NBLG) technology that allows it to convey nuanced emotions, expressions, and movements relative to the content its helping present.

• Shown to increase patient comfort levels
• Encourages engagement
• Culturally inclusive

We've designed C-Me assistants to be a natural adjunct to the interactive experience, allowing patients to develop trust that leads to deeper engagement. Choose from a ready-to-go model or have your own expertly designed by our C-Me design team.

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Virtual Assistants host your information and drive engagement


Interactive Patient Education

HIA TOPICS™ delivers education and answers to your patients in real-time and allows you to remain the trusted source of medical information for your patients. Combining the use of condition/treatment-specific presentations and physician-controlled AI, your C-Me virtual assistant guides patients on an interactive, and engaging, healthcare journey.

• Present factual, patient-centric, information
• Ask and answer questions on a variety of health conditions
• Monitor engagement and interactions

With HIA TOPICS, your patients never have to turn to Dr. Google for trusted medical information. You remain the source of truth and your policies and protocols are reinforced. Browse the HIA Library or create your own HIA TOPICS today.

Metrics Prove You're Making a Difference

Basic and advanced analytic options allow healthcare providers to measure program success and react to data in real-time.

• Individual, session, and enterprise - level data
• Voice Files
• Robust APIs

Physician controlled ai

Why It Can't Go Rogue

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Design Interactive Content - Instantly

With HIA CONNECT content creators gain access to our designer platform where content goes from stale and static to live, dynamic, and engaging. Our proprietary tools allow anyone, regardless of their IT experience, to create and share patient-facing content with the world.

• Import existing content from Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides
• Select your C-Me Virtual Assistant
• Craft and refine your physician-controlled AI
• Build dynamic forms and quizzes
• Share your creations via personalized code, URL, or scannable QR code
• Monitor engagement in the Admin Dashboard

See how HIA Connect Pro delivers all the tools to build, deploy, and measure effective content.

Our tools, your way

Never miss a beat with API-enabled EHR and Practice Management software integration.
Retain copies of exchanged forms, detailed interaction narratives, and more. It's your data - put it where you want.

Let Us Help Bring Your Vision to Life

Design it yourself or work with one of our AI and digital experience experts to bring your vision to life.

Want to implement interactive patient intake forms that help patients complete accurate medical histories?

Looking to enroll patients in clinical trials after validating consent?

Whatever your use case is, our solutions are ready.

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