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Provide patients with 24/7 access to the information they need with a fully interactive AivioTM

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Use C-Me Technology to interact intelligently with patients.
Introducing the AivioTM

Where Patient Engagement Thrives

The Aivio is a giant step forward in content delivery to patients, where they can engage with their healthcare providers in a highly visual and conversational fashion. Patients get educated directly by the providers (and not Dr. Google) in a safe and secure environment and without the limitations of in-person visits. All of their questions are answered at their convenience, and they answer the providers’ questions along the way.  Aivio is at the convergence of proprietary technologies featuring C-Me™ virtual assistants, conversational AI that is controlled by content creators, and traditional rich media formats.

Healthcare providers can expect Aivio’s to take patient engagement to new heights, driving meaningful exchanges of data without limitations, reducing misinformation, and reinforcing the bond between patients and their care team.

  • Authoring tools help you easily design, publish, and monitor content

  • White-label UI

  • Available for web and mobile app



Media-rich content on any topic without writing any code. Use existing content, create new, or choose from any of our physician-authored HIA TOPICSTM


Ask & Answer Questions

With trusted, physician-controlled, artificial intelligence that's guaranteed not to stray from its training.



Measure success and learn from each interaction via the reporting dashboard, or extract data into an analytics platform of your choice with our API's

Numbers Don't Lie - Patients Want And Need Help

Real Testimonials From Real People

"We cannot sing the praises of this technology enough. Not only has it allowed me to reconnect with my patients - it's helped to standardize our approach to care and quality!"
"My patient spent an hour with my Aivio - asking questions about their condition they were too embarrassed to ask me in-person. Thank you for tools that make this possible."
"We've reduced 'just in time' surgical education by 70%. My patients are showing up more informed to make decisions and better prepared to participate in their care!"

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