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Keep Your Audience's Attention

Use the HIA Aivio™️  Studio to create dynamic, highly-engaging content that compels your viewers to go deeper than traditional methods can take them. Respond to their inquiries in real time, reach them where it's convenient, and learn from every interaction.

Physician-controlled AI provides your responses, every time.

Author-Controlled AI™

Our artificial intelligence cannot go rogue. It can't think up or find random answers. And, because you shape it, it's incapable of telling any other story but yours. So remain the trusted source of information and open the digital front door to your business, product, or service.

Digital Brand Ambassadors

Conversational AI, proprietary Natural Body Language Generator (NBLG), and 20+ years of research in digital human technology combine to create your very own digital brand ambassador. Pick from our library or commission your own from our design team.

Aivio Content Delivery

The Aivio is the new way to deliver rich, interactive content in a safe, secure, and welcoming environment. Take your "normal" content and layer it with our Author-Controlled AI to make it come alive, then distribute using custom links and QR codes or add it to your website with our iframe.

HIA Aivio Studio™ - Your Content HQ

Build - Deploy - Measure

Put simply, HIA Aivio Studio is your one-stop-shop for content creation, distribution, and monitoring. This is where you take your content from static to dynamic in just a few quick steps. From here you'll also be able to sit back and watch as users begin interacting with your content, answering your questions, asking their own, and completing dynamic forms.

Engage prospects

Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, the Aivio allows you to engage more consumers and prospects. See how the Aivio is changing HR Recruitment!

Deliver instant answers

An all-in-one customer service platform that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy.

Manage engagement

Measure what matters with HIA's easy-to-use reports. You can filter, export, and drilldown on the data in a couple clicks.
Credit card mockups

Build. Choose from our existing content or create your own rich media presentations. Add your C-Me and physician-controlled AI.

Misinformation is everywhere.

Deploy. Send to patients via SMS, QR code, API, or anywhere you can put a URL. Integrate into any EMR, portal, or communication system.


Measure. Monitor program success with user and session analytics that prove patients have received, engaged with, and learned from each experience.

Leading The Way

Dr. Ariz is a leading expert on TMJ and dental conditions that contribute to sleep disorders. His practice draws the attention of hopeful patients from across the globe. Thanks to the interactive Aivio on his website - those patients receive more than hope, they receive real-time answers and the information they need to initiate care.

"Embedding my Aivio on my website has led to a 40% increase in leads. Patients visit the site, interact with the C-Me, and decide to proceed with treatment. This has increased our capacity to scale high quality care."

Farshid Ariz,  D.M.D.

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You have questions. We have answers.

Frequently asked questions

Is HIA Studios for healthcare?
No. Healthcare has unique needs and deserves unique solutions. That's why HIA Health, our healthcare division, focuses strictly on using our proprietary technology to help healthcare organizations, providers, patients, and payors. HIA Studios helps businesses apply AI, digital assistants, and interactive Aivio™️ environments to their unique business needs. HIA Studios also functions as an R&D branch of HIA Technologies, partnering with business organizations to create unique solutions tailored to your needs.
What is an Aivio™️?
The Aivio is our proprietary interactive environment that delivers your content to your audience in a safe, and welcoming space that encourages meaningful (measurable) engagement. Think of it as a virtual stage where you're able to put highly-visual information in front of your consumer and learn from how they interact with it. Powered by Author-controlled AI™️ your Aivio allows consumers to ask questions and hear your real-time answers instantly.
What is Author-Controlled AI™️?
Unlike uncontrolled, unsecured, generative AI (think ChatGPT), Author-Controlled AI is trained on you and your business. The data sets it uses to answer questions is uniquely yours so it cannot go rogue or introduce variance. It adheres to you and your brand standards - every time.
What is a Digital Assistant?
Digital assistants are virtual brand ambassadors that interact with your audience on your behalf. These visually-pleasing characters have two proprietary super-powers that you won't find anywhere else:

1. They are a form of Embodied AI, meaning they are a visual UI for your Author-Controlled AI. A face to put with the interaction. Unlike text-based AI chat, having a conversation with Embodied AI allows your audience to form deeper connections.

2. They run our patented Natural Body Language Generator (NBLG™️) technology - which allows them to interact with natural, life-like, movements and expressions automatically.

Our Digital Assistant library is inclusive to a range of ethnicities and genders, and can be tailored to your unique brand standard.
Why do I need any of this?
Your customers are increasingly tech-driven. They live online for an average 88% of their waking hours. They don't like to make or receive phone calls, and their standards for brand engagement is very high. On top of that, if you're not providing the tools to interact with your brand and allow your audience to learn directly from you - they'll turn to Google. They'll search what they want to know and leave you out of the loop. They may learn about your business from your competitors or bad reviews written by bots. Even with thousands of dollars spent on SEO - you likely aren't controlling your brand's story. HIA can help.

Import existing PowerPoint or Google Slides


Add images, videos, and animations


Compose physician-controlled AI to respond to live questions


Build dynamic forms for data capture


Add your logo and brand elements


Select a C-Me to guide patients through content


Seamlessly Deploy content


Monitor detailed engagement reports

I could feel how much you care through the Aivio. Every answer it provided sounded like you! Thank you for making yourself so available.
Johanna G.
Patient Feedback
The Aivio made me really comfortable and so I feel like I was willing to ask more questions and dig in more than I normally would in person.
Andrew H.
Patient Feedback
My patients are using Lab Aivios to better understand their test results. They get real-time answers without having to wait on another phone call.
M. Farber, MD
Provider Feedback
I love knowing I can trust this information. It's my doctor's brain made available 24/7.
Colby W.
Patient Feedback

Give Customers Access to Your Brand, Anywhere

With the advent of the internet came unprecedented access to information. However, that includes misinformation. Protecting your brand identity has never been more important. We power technology that allows your customer to connect with your brand anywhere.

- White label UI
- Digital brand ambassadors
- Memorialized interactions
- Consumer insight data

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