Bring your videos to life

Qvio allows viewers to ask your videos questions and get your answers instantly.

Use Cases

Any video can become a Qvio. Here are a few real examples from some of our friends.

Knee Arthroscopy

Learn all about knee arthroscopy from the experts at

Healthy Desserts with HueTrition

Ask questions and learn more about making healthy desserts from HueTrition!!

Tesla Watts

Tesla Watts gives us an inside look at the autopilot of the Tesla Model Y- long range running Tesla’s Full Self Driving.

Toothache Tree

Ask questions and learn more about the prickly ash or “Toothache Tree”

DIY Road Case

This is a DIY project using SolidWorks made by the YouTube Channel OurNextMake.


Ask questions and learn more about the minimally invasive procedure.

What is ICAD?

This Qvio demonstrates how clinical teams can educate patients on conditions and treatments.

5216 Palomar Estate

Experience this opulent property and interact to address any questions you might have.

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HIA Technologies, Inc. Revolutionizes Video Engagement with Qvio️, a Groundbreaking Interactive Video Platform
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Qvio™️ Where The Student-Teacher Ratio is Always 1:1

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HIA’s mission is to empower educators to radically expand their reach and impact by being digitally available to their audiences 24/7, and delivering them personalized content with the highest precision, consistency and accountability.
Qvio Overview

How does Qvio bring videos to life?

Most viewers will give your video content less than 8 seconds to stand apart or answer their questions, then they're gone. Qvio allows your viewers to interrupt at any time and ask questions. When asked, Author-Controlled AI™️ delivers your information to your audience when they want it. As a result your audience is more engaged and isn't seeking alternative sources for more information. Grab attention with your video, keep it with Qvio.

  • Private 1:1 for questions

  • No annoying pop-up ads

  • Analytics that move beyond a simple view count

  • Combining Author-Controlled AI, ChatGPT, and other LLMs

  • Upload your video, generate your dataset, refine and share

Author-Controlled AI™️

What is controlled AI?

Generative AI goes out to the internet and creates an answer on its own. Which is okay, sometimes. But when it matters most, AI needs to be controlled by keeping a human in the loop. Qvio's Author-Controlled AI relies on the content owner to validate the answers in their data set, then those answers can be used to address viewer questions with confidence!

For Educators

Digital natives crave immersive learning

Qvio ushers in the next chapter in education, allowing educators to create immersive, interactive, learning experiences for every student.

  • Respect learner preferences
  • Surface curated questions to spark engagement
  • Avoid misinformation with controlled AI
  • Learn what questions your students ask
For Healthcare

It's all about trust and accuracy

Google handles about 70,000 health related queries every minute. But who is asking those questions, what do they really need, and did they get the answers they were seeking? Patients with chronic illnesses in particular are increasingly relying on Internet-based resources to manage their conditions.According to surveys conducted by the Pew Research Center, decisions made by 75 %of such patients on how to treat their condition were influenced by the knowledge acquired through online health information searches.

So the question is - who is influencing your patients? Who is answering their important questions?

Use your existing video content to meet the needs of patients where they are.

  • Upscale existing video content
  • Eliminate misinformation with Author-Controlled AI™️
  • Engage your audience at their optimal activation point
For Staff Training

Personalized staff training at scale

One-size-fits-all tools like videos (even live classes) do not do justice to employees with different learning styles.  With Qvio, you can allow them to learn at their own pace and ask questions to you with no limitations.

  • Upscale existing video content
  • Train 1:1 virtually
  • Measure engagement
Where attention meets need

What is activated learning?

Active learning is a method of learning whereby students do more than passively listen. This learner-centered approach to education puts students in the driver seat. Qvio layers interactivity on top of traditionally passive videos to make them dynamic learning opportunities.

When viewers have a question, they're in their most active state for learning.

By engaging with viewers at the precise moment they have a question you reach them at their most optimal activation point. The ASK ME button in Qvio beckons learners to explore your content in a new way.

activate learners
For Healthcare

Accessible, Accountable, Answers.

Healthcare is one of the most risk-averse industries in the world, which means accuracy in patient education is critical. Yet information is evolving at a speed that limits the shelf-life of traditional videos. Upcycle video content by adding a layer of controlled AI that gets better with every interaction and evolves as the content author incorporates new information.

  • Keep patients & staff current
  • Answer questions, not voicemails
  • Improve content with each interaction