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Our Aivio represents the next leap forward for interactive user experiences. We go beyond the limits of traditional one-way video, and empower our customers with tools that transform their content into rich, 2-way interactive experiences to engage and entertain their audiences.

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Your personalized C-Me delivers targeted health information when patients need it most.

The Convergence of 3 Technologies
Grabs Your Audience's Attention

We are empowering providers to create their own contextually relevant interactions for their patients, breaking the "one size fits none" noninteractive educational models of the past. Combine our tech to create dynamic, highly-engaging, content that compels your viewers to go deeper than traditional methods can take them. Respond to their inquiries in real-time, reach them where it's convenient, and learn from every single interaction.

Physician-controlled AI provides your responses, every time.

Physician-Controlled AI™

Our artificial intelligence cannot go rogue. It can't think up or find random answers. And, because it's shaped by you, it's incapable of telling any other story but yours. Remain the trusted source of information and open the digital front door to your clinical practice. Empower patients, reduce phone traffic, eliminate misinformation, and increase compliance with clinical protocols and care plans.

Virtual Assistants host your information and drive engagement

C-Me™ Virtual Assistant

Conversational AI, proprietary Natural Body Language GUI (NBLG), and more than two decades of research in digital human technology combine to create first-ever Embodied AI in the form of our conversational medical educators. Pick from our C-Me library or commission your own from our design team. All C-Me Virtual Assistants are inclusively designed to build audience trust and participation.

Deliver rich interactive content in a secure session.

Aivio™ Content Delivery

A one-of-a-kind secure virtual content delivery vehicle that blends traditional media with conversational AI, digital humans and viewing platforms including AR and VR into a single, infinitely shareable, user interface. Present highly visual and interactive content, answer your patients’ questions, ask them questions, and use session analytics to shape better clinical and business outcomes.

Build. Choose from our existing content or create your own rich media presentations. Add your C-Me and physician-controlled AI.
Misinformation is everywhere.
Deploy. Send to patients via SMS, QR code, API, or anywhere you can put a URL. Integrate into any EMR, portal, or communication system.
Measure. Monitor program success with user and session analytics that prove patients have received, engaged with, and learned from each experience.

Leading The Way

Dr. Ariz is a leading expert on TMJ and dental conditions that contribute to sleep disorders. His practice draws the attention of hopeful patients from across the globe. Thanks to the interactive Aivio on his website - those patients receive more than hope, they receive real-time answers and the information they need to initiate care.

"Embedding my Aivio on my website has led to a 50% increase in leads. Patients visit the site, interact with the C-Me, and decide to proceed with treatment. This has increased our capacity to scale high quality care."

Farshid Ariz,  D.M.D.

see the aivio
Dr. Ariz, leading TMJ expert discusses the Aivio.

HIA Connect Pro™ - Your Content HQ

build- deploy - measure

Put simply, HIA Connect Pro is your one-stop-shop for content creation, distribution, and monitoring. This is where you take your content from static to dynamic in just a few quick steps. From here you'll also be able to sit back and watch as patients begin interacting with your content, answering your questions, asking their own, completing quizzes, and filling in forms.

See how HIA Connect Pro delivers all the tools to build, deploy, and measure effective content.

Import existing PowerPoint or Google Slides


Add images, videos, and animations


Compose physician-controlled AI to respond to live questions


Build dynamic forms for data capture


Add your logo and brand elements


Select a C-Me to guide patients through content


Seamlessly Deploy content


Monitor detailed engagement reports

Care That Resonates

"Between your bedside manner and the Aivio you gave me, I feel like I finally have a REAL doctor who cares. I can see real relief on the horizon now, physically and mentally. Thank you!"

Patients interact live, asking the questions they want and getting the answers you design.

Give Patients Access To Accuracy

Patients now have access to more information than ever before, and yet studies continue to show dangerous misinformation is spreading like wild fire. Now you can ensure that your accurate information is at their fingertips 24/7 to help:

• Reinforce care plans
• Reduce readmissions
• Alleviate call centers
• Manage chronic conditions
• And more

Take your trusted medical content to the next level by transforming it into dynamic, interactive, content that builds trust and ensures patients will continue to look to you as their trusted source of medical information.

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