What is Digital Human Resources?

Our Aivio represents the next leap forward for interactive user experiences. We go beyond the limits of traditional one-way video, and empower our customers with tools that transform their content into rich, two-way interactive experiences to engage and entertain their audiences.

Efficient Recruiting With Author-Controlled AI

Discovery calls, screening interviews, negotiations - the interaction between HR and prospects can seem endless. Let our digital brand ambassadors take the repetitive tasks off your hands. Leveraging your Author-Controlled AI your brand ambassador can answer questions, screen, and identify best-match candidates with ease.


Enhance your recruitment efforts with intelligent Aivios designed to answer prospects questions, screen, and prioritize follow-up efforts.

Benefits Explainer

Gone are the days of expensive all-day orientations. Let your brand ambassador explain benefits enrollment and new hire questions without adding strain to the HR team.

Employee Life

The healthy living bundle teaches the skills of wellness, movement, mindfulness and sleep quality that lead to healthier employees.


Build. Choose from our existing content or create your own rich media presentations. Add your C-Me and physician-controlled AI.

Misinformation is everywhere.

Deploy. Send to patients via SMS, QR code, API, or anywhere you can put a URL. Integrate into any EMR, portal, or communication system.


Measure. Monitor program success with user and session analytics that prove patients have received, engaged with, and learned from each experience.

Leading The Way

Dr. Ariz is a leading expert on TMJ and dental conditions that contribute to sleep disorders. His practice draws the attention of hopeful patients from across the globe. Thanks to the interactive Aivio on his website - those patients receive more than hope, they receive real-time answers and the information they need to initiate care.

"Embedding my Aivio on my website has led to a 40% increase in leads. Patients visit the site, interact with the C-Me, and decide to proceed with treatment. This has increased our capacity to scale high quality care."

Farshid Ariz,  D.M.D.

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You have questions. We have answers.

Frequently asked questions

How can an Aivio improve our recruitment efforts?
Artificial intelligence cannot replace human intelligence, but what it can do is augment our efforts and multiply the output of our work. One Aivio can screen and answer questions from thousands of prospects while we can only handle one-at-a-time. The one-to-many approach allows HR professionals to focus on what they do best and let the AI handle the rest.
What kind of insight can the Aivio provide me about prospects?
Every Aivio interaction is tracked and measured, allowing you to see exactly what prospects are asking your digital brand ambassador and what answer the Author-Controlled AI provided. The market intelligence data on the back-end can help you refine your recruitment efforts and identify best-match candidates faster.
What is Author-Controlled AI anyway?
Unlike uncontrolled, unsecured, generative AI (think ChatGPT), Author-Controlled AI is trained on you and your business. The data sets it uses to answer questions is uniquely yours so it cannot go rogue or introduce variance. It adheres to you and your brand standards - every time.
What is a Digital Assistant?
Digital assistants are virtual brand ambassadors that interact with your audience on your behalf. These visually-pleasing characters have two proprietary super-powers that you won't find anywhere else:

1. They are a form of Embodied AI, meaning they are a visual UI for your Author-Controlled AI. A face to put with the interaction. Unlike text-based AI chat, having a conversation with Embodied AI allows your audience to form deeper connections.

2. They run our patented Natural Body Language Generator (NBLG™️) technology - which allows them to interact with natural, life-like, movements and expressions automatically.

Our Digital Assistant library is inclusive to a range of ethnicities and genders, and can be tailored to your unique brand standard.
What about brand positioning?
Position your organization as the employer of choice and attract top talent by leveraging strong brand positioning. Each Aivio is white-labeled so that it can look, feel, and sound like your brand.

Import existing PowerPoint or Google Slides


Add images, videos, and animations


Compose physician-controlled AI to respond to live questions


Build dynamic forms for data capture


Add your logo and brand elements


Select a C-Me to guide patients through content


Seamlessly Deploy content


Monitor detailed engagement reports

I could feel how much you care through the Aivio. Every answer it provided sounded like you! Thank you for making yourself so available.
Johanna G.
Patient Feedback
The Aivio made me really comfortable and so I feel like I was willing to ask more questions and dig in more than I normally would in person.
Andrew H.
Patient Feedback
My patients are using Lab Aivios to better understand their test results. They get real-time answers without having to wait on another phone call.
M. Farber, MD
Provider Feedback
I love knowing I can trust this information. It's my doctor's brain made available 24/7.
Colby W.
Patient Feedback

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