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Qvio™️ Where The Student-Teacher Ratio is always 1:1

Educators everywhere hear the siren-song of new AI-enabled technologies, but which ones can be exploited to achieve instructional goals and which ones are a distraction for modern learning?

Press Release

Announcing: New Product Release

HIA Solutions aims to turn the next chapter in education with two-way interactive videos.

Press Release

Announcing: 2023 "AI For Education" Winners

Winners demonstrated innovative approach to STEM field recruitment using HIA's Aivio technology.


What is the AI Trust Gap?

HIA's own AI advocate and thought leader, Hannah - examines the barriers to AI adoption and how Physician-controlled AI may help skeptics overcome the trust gap.


ChatGPT: Answers Are "Highly Convincing"​ Regardless of Accuracy

ChatGPT tells us why #physiciancontrolledAI is better for healthcare in an article that practically wrote itself.

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